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Peter Patasi Turbo paddles

A local craftsman from nearby Smiths Falls Ontario is world renown for making some of the worlds best canoe and kayak paddles.  His name is Peter Patasi and has been in the paddle making game since the ’70s.  I have personally been paddling with his paddles for about 15 years now and have nothing but good things to say about them.

His paddles are the most durable of all paddles.  They are made of carbon fibre with very little epoxy resin because this decreases their strength.  The paddle I have now I’ve been using daily, or more, for the past four years.  I’ve smashed it on rocks, checked it in barely covered on dozens of flights, stepped on it, dropped it, even used it as a shovel.  Not to mention paddling thousands of kilometres with it.

Turbo paddles are used by many of the worlds best paddlers.  They have even won the Olympic Games!  This past year, Turbo paddles took the gold, silver and bronze medals in the mens K1-500m event at the Canoe Kayak World Championships.

Some famous athletes who have used Turbo paddles include:

  1. Renn Chrichlow
  2. Chris Pellini
  3. Angus Mortimer (
  4. Matthew Raymond

Check out this video of his paddles in action!  The winner (Adam Van Koeverden of Canada) won the race.

Toms shoes

I’ve recently heard about this brand of shoes called Toms.  They’re a special type of company who has different philosophy.  One very popular thing they do is to donate one pair of their shoes to a child in need for each pair of shoes sold.  They are designed for thai chi, but recently have become more of a fashion statement and are very popular amongst young “hipster” type people.  They only cost about $50 so they are a steal of a deal as far as shoes go.

Check out their website:

They’re available in all kinds of different designs and colours.  When buying Toms, you know you’re doing something great for a child in need so there is not need to feel guilty about getting another pair of shoes you probably don’t need!  Can’t wait to grab a pair for myself!

first post! DL about blogging and some Bieber!

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog post on WordPress so I feel like I should talk about the ease of blogging these days.  I signed up for this account in less than five minutes and now I can publish anything I feel like in seconds.  People can follow me from around the word and comment on what I have to say.  In this modern era, blogging has become a very popular activity.  People blog about everything from sports, to cooking, to just about anything you can think of.  Someone always seems to have an opinion they want to share, and what better way to do so than a blog.

I feel blogging is a great way to express your opinion, but at the same time there are some privacy issues that are hard for me to move beyond.  If I’m going to write my opinion about certain issues and let people into my thoughts, I want to know who these people are.  A blog where you have to become a member to read others blogs seems like a better idea.  You should have to be approved by the author to read the blog.

A little more about security:

That’s enough chat about blogging though.  This is a place to express myself. One thing I’m really not impressed with right now is Justin Beiber’s popularity.  Check out this video, it has over 340 million views in only a few months!